Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Print of the week:Pied De Poule

So classic and chic, many famous designers used that very interesting print at least once a time on their carreer... Last month we saw it on the most runways of important designers!!


The first time people met that print was on the begining of '50s from Christian Dior, who give the name on that print "pied de poule". You can remember also that he dressed up one of his perfumes, Miss Dior...

Twenty years later we can see that elegant print on Chanel's collection and then on Trussardi, Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo who make the difference because he used the print on many different styles. Also Marni loved pied de poule and Moschino launches the red&bkack choice. You know that all the interior designers get inspired by fashion, so the pied de poule print dresses also many interior spaces... You can use it easily on your home with small decor pillows, carpets, curtains and many more things that decorate your house....!!!

###written by georgina panagiotopoulou
#interior&product designer

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