Thursday, November 28, 2013

Decorate your home with ladders #DIY tips

Do you want more shelves on your house but you're still searching a stylish way to put all your usefull things on??? Ladders !!!! Yes you heard right, i mean the usual wooden ladders from the past... It's beautiful but not wasteful...!

 First of all, ladders became a decorative item on our bathrooms and then on the other rooms... The most basic reason is that you can hang so easily all your towels and you can make some fake shelves on them with a piece of wood if you like. Also you can hang baskets on your ladder in order to put somewhere all your soaps, lotion and perfumes...

Here we have a photo to understand how usefull are the ladders on the kitchen because you can hang all the "cooking items" ... A little bit weird and different but i like it so much!!

 You don't have the big area in your bedroom to put a big nightstand and you don't care about the storage of it ?? You need only "something" to leave your book, your accesories and somewhere to put a lamp in order to read better...the best solution for you is the ladders!

Now it's the time to redecorate your house!! A bookcase always gives a sophisticated style in every room... So you have to choose an interesting bookcase without taking a lot of area in your room and not a lot of money from your wallet!

Ladders are also useful in your living room and you can use them if you want to decorate a special corner or as a mini coffee table :)

Do it yourself ideas for your outdoor living !!!

.... And for the last i left a super idea for your laundry room !

Good luck :)))
###written by georgina panagiotopoulou
#interior & product designer

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