Friday, January 17, 2014

DIY tips

Here you are again....!
We have for you six innovative ideas for your personal space that you can do easy by yourself (and to be honest, you need also a good friend in order to help you!).
The travel begins from your old, but not useless, suitcases! You can add them on the wall rather than the usual shelves!!

This is so industrial, but the light you can see from the transparent glass is soft and romantic!

A different way to put an unusual mirror into your home. Give style in your space, playing with the shapes and the materials! It's very easy to make a mirror like the second one :)

That's how an old door it can seem like an expensive piece of furniture! Now it's the end of the "do it yourself" ideas by DECOlife...

Good luck!

###georgina panagiotopoulou
#interior & product designer

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