Friday, April 4, 2014

New entry: Hanging chairs

Do you have a better idea for summer home decor ??? The hanging chairs are adorable from everyone, child or adult!! DECOlife picked for you the best photos in order to choose which one it suits better to your house... !

White or beige, brown or black, you can put it in every space. In your living room, your bedroom or in your kitchen!! It's very easy to hang them by yourself..

You already know from the time you've read the title, that the best place you should put a hanging chair is your outdoor space!!! Beside your garden or your pool you can drink all the summer cocktals and coffees, like you're in the air...

#interior & product designer

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  1. Τέλειεςςςς όλες!!Ειδικά η διάφανη!!!!!!!!